PNY XLR8 GeForce 9800 GT 1GB overheating

Firstly here are my specs

W7 Ultimate 32bit
AMD Athlon 7850 Dual-Core ±2.8Ghz
1 stick of 2048MB RAM DDR2
EZCool 500W PSU

I bought the aforementioned GPU just recently replacing my 9800GT 512mb Green Edition which went unresponsive. Thing is the new one is according to Speedfan is running at 76-80C on idle and around 100-110C while gaming. At first the temperature would even gradually go up on idle over time. I fixed that by replacing the thermal grease which honestly looked quite ancient to the point of non-existence so now the temperatures are consistent around the previously mentioned numbers. It worked fine like that for a few days but now it seems that it tends to fail at 80C as just today I had it shut down suddenly. Afterwards I ejected the card and let it cool off the reinserted it and now it seems to be working as previously (at 76-80C idle etc.).

I've thought about replacing the fan since it looks fairly weak but I'm wondering if the PSU would be at fault instead or maybe something else. So I eventually thought I'd ask for advice here before I fork over more cash for something.
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  1. Are the heat sinks clogged with dust? Use some compressed air to clear them if so.
    Can you manually make the fans work harder to keep temps down or does it not make a difference?
  2. Heatsinks are completely clean and I don't think I can manually make the fan go any faster than it does now.

    And since I apparently can't edit the main post it right now over heats when it hits somewhere over 80C and automatically shuts down. I have a feeling I should get a new GPU altogether.
  3. The fan might have ran it's course, a new one would probably fix it but that's a lot of hassle and effort, you're probably best of getting a new GPU entirely.

    You should be able to manipulate the GPU fan within Speedfan, you can use GPU-Z to check the speed the fan is moving at and what % of it's max speed that is.
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