My computer automatically turn on & reset time and date.

I have a Pentium 4 PC with configuration of 2.80GHz, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD. I am using Microsoft XP O/s for 11 months. It worked well but last 1 week ago l got one problem.My computer automatically turn on when i connect it to the power my PC it shows the following message:

Intel (R) Pentium (R) 4 Processor
2.80 GHz 511 MB System Ram

Legacy Keyboard .... Detected
USB Legacy............ Enabled

Auto decting USB MassStroage Devices 00 USB Mass Storage Devices found and configured.

Fixed Disk 0: PS - ST3802110a
(Ultra DMA Mole ATA/100)

CMOS/GPNV Checksum Bad
CMOS Date/Time Not Set
Press <F4> to run setup

After pressing <F4> it enters into BIOS Settings. Every time I set the time and date settings, disabled the floppy drive booting (because I have not installed it in my PC) and press <F10> to save the changes and exit. Then the O/s works well. but when I again restart my PC it shows the message:

Press <F4> to Resume

By pressing <F4> again the O/s works well. But after successfully shut down the PC when I again started my PC to working on it the whole process again appears. I am very much fed up and annoyed with this problem . It is very horrible state for me when I thought that every start up my PC enters into bios and if anybody else will work on my PC, he/she change the bios setting intentionally or unintentionally by mistake then what will happen.
kindly tell the solution to this problem. How this problem can be resolved.
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  1. You should replace the battery on your motherboard.
  2. +1 for christop you should replace the battery and if that does not work then it is definately a shorted power button. Check it and see if it presses and releases properly.

    good luck
  3. They are correct, change the cmos battery its really cheap
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