How to tell/check if PSU will work with MOBO and other components?

I am upgrading my computer and need to upgrade my PSU, currently I have this:

I am looking for a new one around 500W but not sure how to tell if it will work.

The one I have is standard dimensions (150 x 86 x 140 mm).
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  1. Hi. I'm guessing you're located in the UK judging from the link to HP UK and metric unit? Is your computer the Compaq Presario CQ5222UK that you linked to? What else are you going to upgrade and what is your budget?
  2. Well the motherboard doesn't let me upgrade much but I'm upgrading the graphics card to a Sapphire Ati Radeon HD 6570. Was going to upgrade RAM but no point since the limit for this MOBO is 4GB and that's what I have, I'll just wait until I get more money and start building a new computer from scratch.

    The graphics card is already ordered so the budget for the PSU is probably round 40-50 pounds since I only need like 500W atm.
  3. Well you don't need 500W for that graphics card. I recommend the Corsair CX430 430W; it's more than sufficient for your current computer. Since you plan on building a new computer in the future, you might even go with the CX500 500W depending on the specs.
  4. Here is a handy chart for psu requirements.
    A 6670 needs a 400w psu.

    I would not buy any of the psu's that allpower is offering.
    Stick with good quality units.
    Pick a tier 1 or 2 unit from this list:

    ATX psu's have standard width and height dimensions; they do differ in length.
    Some might be longer than 140mm, so check that if your space is limited.
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