Card Display Output DVI-I (Dual link) but LCD has DVI-D (Dual link) ?


My Question is simple..

does Graphic Card Display Output DVI-I (Dual link) can be Connect with LCD that has DVI-D (Dual link) ?

if No then do I need adapter Converter?

the Graphic Card is : AMD FirePro™ V4900
LCD Monitor is : YAMAKASI CATLEAP 27" Q270 SE LED 2560X1440 WQHD DVI-D Dual

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  1. the short answer is YES
  2. It will work, just as long as the input connector doesn't have the 4pins where the 1 line is.
  3. you monitor should have come with the right cable DVI-I

    the converter is necessary if you would use a DVI-D cable
  4. +1^

    That is correct
  5. Guys i have a doubt that does this monitor have dvi-d single or dual link

    Asus VS228HR
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