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Is the 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance compatible with the AMD FX-8320 8-Core Vishera?
Just bought everything to custom build a desktop, and looked at all the things I got. I noticed on the RAM, the Vengeance, that it is compatible with the AMD Phenom II but says nothing about the Vishera. Is this just because the Vengeance is older and doesn't mention what it's compatible with, or do they not work together. Not even sure if RAM works with every processor and such, new to building.

Thanks ahead of time.

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    You are good to go, the fastest supported ram for that CPU would be 1866mhz, you have 1600 mhz which is also compatible. Make sure your motherboard can handle 1866 as well.

    Edit: Don't worry about that compatible thing that lists names, there are power supplies that state compatible with Phenom II but in truth they work with all processors. It's more so the specs of the ram that needs to be checked. For example if you bought this processor that supports only 1333mhz ram and you buy 1600mhz ram then don't worry since it will downclock itself to 1333mhz.
  2. Alright sweet, thank you.
  3. I edited my post to add a bit more, do take the time to read it. And here is a spec sheet of your processor that includes ram compatibility:
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