New PC still needs GPU

Hi guys, I'm still in the process of building my new gaming PC, I've got some parts on hand, still waiting for some others to be delivered, but meanwhile I'm still puzzled about which GPU(s) to go for, so your help will be appreciated.

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: as soon as possible, though I figure I have about a week or two between now and when I can start really feel the need for one since at the beginning I can just use the iGPU of my processor.

BUDGET RANGE: ~ CAD $150-$250, though I'm willing to top it at $300 if I get a big difference of bang for my buck.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: mostly for gaming (pre-ordered Diablo III, Skyrim, Minecraft, I'll play some older games on it such as Civilization IV). I also want to record/edit some Let's Play videos, and of course browse web, etc.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: new build, so no GPU so far. I've purchased an OCZ ZX 750W to be on the safe side/future-proof.

Case: Thermaltake Chaser MK-1, to which I may add more 200mm fans eventually (both for looks and mega air flow)
CPU: i5-3570k
Mobo: Asus P8Z77-V Pro
CPU cooling: Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB 1600
Storage: 1TB HDD + 30GB SSD

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: or (as I have a local Microbytes store close-by)

PARTS PREFERENCES: I'm open to suggestions. I want quality and something that will give me good bang for my money.

OVERCLOCKING: Maybe (if it comes factory overclocked)

MONITOR RESOLUTION: my current monitor's max resolution is 1600x900, but I may well upgrade within the next few months and add a better monitor, using my current one as secondary for editing/browsing and such.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I don't want to pay big money for slight improvements in performance, but if it's worth the investment, I'm willing. Oh and one last thought, my whole rig's main color scheme is black and blue, so I'd rather have a cart that at least doesn't clash, but that'll probably come down to manufacturer's preference in the end.
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  1. get this asus hd 7850 dc ii with nice cooling low noice better oc.:)


    A gtx 570 is matching your budget.. But this one great choice.
  3. hey i found one gtx 570 in $250 @op if u dont mind to get an refurbished gpu then this will be an best one to get it has 5 out of 5 eggs in customer reviews and feedback on newegg
  4. if u will buy an gtx 480 in that low price all you saved from getting that on lower price will go on the electric bill lol :lol: just joking
  5. I agree with refillable, GTX 480 would be the best for your budget.
  6. +1 for gtx 480 for being in good price just the fact is that it needs a lot power but that doesnt matter you can pay the bill lol if noise and heat is not an issue for you then its an pretty good buy goodluck.:).:)
  7. Thanks for the quick feedback guys! I have a question though, what would be the pros/cons of going AMD radeon 7850 over nvidia gtx 570?
  8. gtx480 is better choice but now it's an older technology and require alot of power and making a heavy noise when op put max load on it.. So if the OP can afford it and ready to keep it maintain then i would go with gtx480...
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    gtx 570 pros/cons

    +its an nice card pretty good for its price.
    +when oced past the gtx 580 which is way better then hd 7850.
    +uses power as it deserves at average not more
    +good drivers
    +good gaming card
    +low in noise
    -little bit hotter but thats not so hot so it doesnt matter.:)
    -1 series older tech

    hd 7850 cons/pros

    +newer tech
    +stay cool
    +low in noise
    +very good overclocker
    +when oced can go upto gtx 570 level
    +at average price what it deserves
    -little bit buggy drivers but as the times goes on it will be fixed.:)
  10. Thanks! I think I'll go for either the Asus or the Sapphire hd 7850, depending on availability at my local Microbytes. From the reviews, the Asus one seems to be quieter, but it's also more expensive, while the Sapphire still have great reviews (and I've read that my PSU is a bit on the loud side anyway so that might negate the quiet of the Asus card).
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  12. ok goodluck.:)dont be confused between those two brands both sapphire and asus has good cooling and quitness which ever you will get cheaper go for that one.:)
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