Video card for DC5750 Small form factor

I have a older HP 5750 and the onboard Xpress 1150 isnt cutting it for me
I have seen this question asked before on the forums ,, but not exactly answered because of lack of information
here is the PSU sticker info

it appears to have 11.5amp on the 12volt rail which doesnt seem like allot to me.

Replacing the Powersupply isnt an option in this Chassis,,,, it has this weird powersupply mount that is specific to the HP Small form factors only....

so Im kinda limited on what I can do here.

Im in the U.S so probably shopping on Newegg, Tigerdirect ,, possibly even the U.S version of NCIX. Im on a very tight budget but I guess besides the
HD5450 which i saw has a 19watt power draw... what other cards are possible?
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  1. Your only reasonable option is this
    Or this

    HD 5450 and HD 6450 is the worst cards ever, it's for HTPC only...i had many problems with them even on 1024x768 resolution.
  2. I am using a very simlar HPdc7800 small form factor as a HTPC. Works great, and it fits well with the stereo and DVD player.

    Any gpu with out a power connector (aka under 75 watt) will work just fine, as long as it will fit in the case. The core 2duo and board in that hp will only draw around 100 watts at full load. So that still leaves ton of room for the GPU.

    I would get a 6670.

    it only draws 65 watts at max load but realisticly it will only draw like 30 during every day usage. That would put the total max draw well under 200.

    I recomend getting a wall watt meter. I got a Kil-a-watt at homedepot for 15 bucks. You can use that too see how much power the computer draws from thge wall while doing a bench mark stress test of some type. From there you can figure out how much room you have for the gpu.

    The kil-a-watt is also fun to learn about how much power things around the home draw. My 46 inch tv draws 12 watts when its off? My coffee maker can draw 1200 watts while brewing.
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