Nvidia gtx 580 not performing as i expected

Dear All,

My custom made computer is not performing what I expected. My graphics rendering is not fast or satisfied. I used Zbrush, Cinema 4D, After Effects and Premiere Pro. My Cinema 4D Renderings are very slow. Where do i need to tweak my computer settings. Do I need to go for any better system? What is the best configuration for these purposes with the above mentioned applications. Please give me a solution..

My configuration:

Win i7 Inter core i7 2600k 3.4 GHZ
M/B gigabyte Z68XP-UD3R
RAM (Patriot) - 8GB DDR3 -1333 MHZ
HDD- 1TB + 1TB segate 7000rpm
Graphics Card- Nvidia GTX 580 3GB/ DDR5 (Palit)
Power - gigabyte 720Watts.
OS- Win7 64bit
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  1. Your hardware is pretty fast , but your details are lacking. What is "very slow" exactly. Have you run any system benchmarks to measure your speed?

    The maker of Cinema 4D even has a benchmark program from their site http://www.maxon.net/downloads/cinebench.html
  2. get an aftermarket heatsink and overclock that cpu
  3. Cinema 4d doesn't use GPU to render. It uses ONLY CPU! You need to overclock it to get a boost in rendering speed.
  4. I just ran the cinebench test on my Core 2 Duo 3 gig workstation with 4 gig of RAM, got a 1.63 score, compared to 5-6 for an i7 system they have in there for a comparison.
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