Does positioning of the psu affect other components ?

i have my case which does not have fan option at the top nor at the bottom of my cabinet & i jst bought a new 450 VS Crosair PSU , which has a fan on top of it so, where should i fix the PSU to not affect the pocessor & other comp. by HEAT!!!! Should i put the PSU such that its fan is on top or facing the fan down ??? :o
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  1. The fan on the PSU is designed to suck air from inside your case and vent it out he back of the case.

    So if you mount the PSU at the top of the case the fn needs to be ideally pointing downwards. This set up will assist the CPU fan / temperatures.
  2. ^5 +1 what ulysses35 posted.
  3. so the big fan of the PSU should be pointing downwards RIGHT? ohhhk that fan jst sucks in Air and not dissipates it........!!
  4. Corect. The psu will pull in warm air from inside the case and blow that warm air out the rear panel.
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