Awfully Slow File Transfer Speeds (Direct Connection)


Having a bit of a nightmare transferring my stuff onto WHS. I'm pretty sure this is NOT a WHS issue as I have just got rid of my Netgear ReadyNAS Duo and was having the same issues with that.

When transferring files onto my WHS (\\servername\sharename), it will start off fairly fast. No more than 15MB/sec then after 20 seconds or so it will crawl right down to half that. Occassionally it eventually grinds to a complete halt.

I have a direct connection between my Windows 7 PC and my WHS. In trying to solve this issue, i have installed a brand new gigabit ethernet card in my PC and also used multiple straight through and x-over Cat 5e cables but the problem persists.

When transferring a large number of smaller files, i get the following:

What can be the issue here as i'm ripping my hair out in trying to solve this issue.
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  1. Here is a lovely thread on PIO. feel free to read it and check it out
  2. thanks - had a read at that. I've ran a checkdisk on my hard drive which is in WHS and it came back with no errors.

    I really am stuck at this now.

    I've tried TerraCopy and it seems to work a little faster WHEN it works however it still sometimes grinds to a halt.

    Occassionally what will happen is that a message will pop up during transfer saying "the network name does not exist" and if i keep pressing try again , the transfer will resume.
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