Blizzard Unveils Development Update for Diablo 3

Blizzard's Jay Wilson said that the Diablo 3 team is no longer in "discovery" mode.

Blizzard Unveils Development Update for Diablo 3 : Read more
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  1. Can't wait! Just need a release date now.
  2. Sounds awesome, but i dont think the whole accelerate the end thing will work again.. Especially cos act 5 was so much longer, which was ok then, but i really think players would enjoy exploring more of hell (the place, not difficulty lol), especially if there were some more slightly abstract areas like in act 2 of d2.
  3. Act 2 was soooo long lol
  4. i meant more areas like that weird place with the sorcerer beneath the palace. Trippy places like that in hell would really be awesome
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