Question about connecting PSU to mobo

Hello all. I have some questions about connecting the PSU cables to the mobo.

1) My PSU came with two 8 pin connectors, one all together the other split into two. Which should I use?

2) I also don't know how I'd connect my case fans to my PSU. I think they're molex so can I use just one molex connector to power all of them on the same cable? (If that made any sense)

3) I got the Crucial m4 128gb. Which sata port should I use? Which port should I use for my optical drive?

That's all for now. Thanks!
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    1- 8 pin if your motherbd has an 8 pin cpu connector or you can use two 4 pins.
    2 - yes you can daisy chain the fans onto 1 molex. fans dont draw much power.
    3 - one that can do ahci for SSD typically the first 4. Optical drive doesnt really matter but often a motherbd will have a pair of satas (5&6) that default to IDE/legacy.
  2. Ok so ssd sata port 1 is fine? 5 and 6 for optical?
  3. Firelance said:
    Ok so ssd sata port 1 is fine? 5 and 6 for optical?

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