Is it necessary for me get an aftermarket cooler?


I am new to this thread. I just have a question regarding my rig. is it necessary for me to get an aftermarket cooler even though i'm not OCing my system? and if yes, what cooler can you recommend?

here are my specs:

CPU: AMD Athlon II X3 455 @ 3.3GHz (stock cooLer)
MOBO: Asus M5A88V-evo
PSU: Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 500W
RAM: Kingston HyperX 8G (2x4GB) @ 1600MHz
VC: ATI Radeon 4670 @ 512MB
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  1. it is not necessary to get a aftermarket heatsink if you dont overclock. at stock clocks, the stock heatsink does its job fine

    the advantages of a aftermarket heatsink is that it makes the chip run cooler and the coolers are usually quieter than the stock heatsink. if you want a aftermarket cooler, id suggest getting a hyper 212 evo from cooler master
  2. Hi TheBigTroll,

    thanks for the quick response sir. i'm just concern that when i ran prime95...based on core temp and HW monitor, they ranges from 56-62C so i'am a bit scared of melting the cpu. @ idle though, it's around 26-30C

    also, i will OC my system in the future so do i have to wait for a better cooler or i'll grab the evo now? one more thing, from what you're aware, how fast i can go with my cpu if OCed? thanks man!
  3. 60 degrees is perfectly normal. i hit 80s on my laptop

    if you are to overclock in the future, id get the aftermarket heatsink now. when you see a hyper 212 evo or 212 plus on sale for around 20-25 dollars id pick it up.

    when you oc, you should be able to get 3.8ghz without raising the voltage. if you need more OC after that, id suggest asking a overclocking expert as im not very familiar with amd chips
  4. thanks sir! really? is that ok @ max 62 with stock cooler? i was scared that time when i ran prime95. those 2 coolers are what i'm considering right now. actually $30 but seems reasonable if that drops my temp to 5-10C. will it also drop my temp if my system is not OCed? they say evo is better that 212 +. we have both available but it's a dilemma what to pick. your recommendation sir?

    i don't know any sites that will help me OC this or teach me how to OC this. this is the first time in case i'll be doing that. thanks!
  5. it should drop your stock temps by around 10-12 degrees maybe 15c.

    you wont be getting far with a stock cooler; maybe 3.6ghz and then after that it will die.

    with the aftermarket heatsink, it will get you decent temperatures even overclocked (around the same temps you are currently running at stock when you overclock)

    id get the evo since it performs 2-5 degrees better at higher overclocks. as long as the price difference is around 5-7 dollars, get the evo. if the plus is a lot cheaper, get that instead.

    the difference between the 2 coolers is that the evo has a slightly better fan and that the bottom of the heatsink doesnt have any gaps that the plus had with its direct contact heat pipes.if you really want to know more, you can google the differences

    id prefer not to be called sir as im still 14 years old
  6. to ask for overclocking advice, id go to the overclocking forum here
  7. Hi TheBigTroll, sorry for calling you sir. My bad! :(
  8. no prob :)
  9. thanks! i'm not sure though if it fits my casing..i got a generic casing as of the moment so i'm a bit hesitant to buy it. should i go first with the casing or the cooler? thanks again!
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    whats ur case?

    as long as it has 160mm (159mm to be exact) of height clearance for the cooler, you are good to go
  11. i am concern about the width of the casing..this is just a casing bundle with the PSU when i bought it then i upgraded it to CM extreme power 500, can't file any picture online :(
  12. the width depending how you put it is




  13. actually i called the store and checked with them if it fits the generic tower, it does but the problem is, it is exactly the size of the tower so i don't know if in my casing, it'll fit. one more thing, not sure how to setup the vertical position that you're saying...sorry!
  14. i'd probably need to upgrade my generic tower first...any idea of a good full atx casing?
  15. a nice cheap one would be the antec one or a antec 302
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