Power Supply Fails Paperclip Test

I did the paper clip test on my PSU( OCZ ZX 850W). I plugged in the 24 pin cable, then I connected the two ends of the paperclip to the green and black wires. The PSU clicked once, fan did not turn on, then it clicked again. Is this a bad power supply?
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    Yes. If the paperclip trick doens't work - most likely that PSU is gone.

    Do you know what happened to that PSU? Was there a lightning strike? Brown out? Black out?

    Anything weird happen before your PSU went toast?
  2. No, I just upacked it today :( So it looks like I'll have to RMA.
  3. Doa is not unheard of but rare with that brand...
    bad luck, better luck on the next 1.
    im guessing the wall fuse is ok as it did click, so yeah its probably dead.
  4. most DOA are caused by shipping, it happens to all brands.
  5. Ouch that sucks.

    Wait...what did you have all plugged into the PSU anyways when you did the trick?
  6. At first I plugged the whole system in, two clicks and no fans or lights. Then I did just the 24 pin, and I got the same two clicks
  7. BTW i've done this before - and my GPU died and wouldn't turn on even with the paper clip trick - basically once I unplugged the 6pin power connectors from my GPU everything powered right up.

    Maybe try unplugging your GPU and trying again.
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  9. It did not work with only the 24 pin cable plugged in, so I don't think that unplugging the GPU would help
  10. Wow, I figured out what was wrong. I failed on interpreting the power switch symbols correctly. I thought that "o" meant on and the "l" meant off. *facepalm* :pfff: I plugged it all back together and it successfully booted:)
  11. TGIF!

    Have fun! At least you saved an RMA + a few days :)
  12. Yay, I finished my build and it looks like cpu temps are around ~30 degrees on idle!
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