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I just put a system together using a Sabertooth 990FX R2.0. I noticed the cpu fan is running a little fast and making some noise. I went to the UEFI BIOS but i'm unable to change the settings. Am i missing something here? Btw, the fan is running at 1960 rpm.
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  1. There is a setting that you will have to enable, cool and quiet or smart fan
  2. its not working. dunno whats wrong.
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    The CPU fan header will control 4 pin fans only. 3 pin fans can only be controlled via the Chassis fan headers.

  4. Thanks Raja, I'll try it tonight.
  5. No probs. You will need to set the CPU fan header low limit to ignore if you don't have any fans plugged in those headers, otherwise the board will halt during BOOT. It's a safety feature to alert the end-user that the CPU fans are either spinning too slowly or not at all.

  6. I made the changes and everything went as described by you. I'm still unable to change the fan speed in chasis though. Maybe i'm doing this wrong? Maybe i'm not following a specific protocol in the BIOS?
  7. I read the manual and did some research on PWM fans. I've put a few computers together throughout the years and this one always flew over my head, This is been very educational. Thanks to all. Btw, I'm ordering a PWM fan today.
  8. What else are you changing to "control" the fan speed on the header the fan is connected to?

    Which fans are you using (make/model)?
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