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I have a Fujitsu Esprimo P1500 pc. I want to upgrade its graphics card. I dont know which card will be compatible. Any help will be really apreciated.
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  1. Whats your budget?

    How many watts is the Power Supply and how many amps are on the +12/v rail(s)?
  2. i cant find your PC on the fujitsu website. so i think youre gonna have to take off the side panel and see for yourself what kind of expansion slots it has.

    edit: so i just forund the manual the motherboard and it has a PCI-e x16 slot which is good. but i cant find anything on the power supply.
  3. Second that, you are going to have to open her up in order to figure out what the Power supply is. They don't list them on the manufacturers website because it doesn't effect normal operation. But it effects the upgrade ability.
  4. I found it.Just Google the model #.

    It's a Core2Quad.Which means it likely has a 1.0 slot.
  5. Does ZOTAC NVIDIA GeForce GT 610 Synergy Edition 2 GB DDR3 Graphics Card works with my pc which is got 2gb ddr2 ram and a slot beside it written PCIE1?(Has two more white slots with smaller length)
    answer me quickly as possible....
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