Ddr-2 versus ddr-3 computer memory

Hello, I am upgrading 4 PC's. I am upgrading my main computer by taking out the mother board and putting it in another computer with video ram etc and so on with the other computers and dumping the last computer which is old. Is it better to change cpu, ram, video ram etc or the above? all computers run on xp pro
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  1. why change anything? do you just want the best case on the best computer?

    i would just dump the oldest computer and build a new one. only reason i wouldn't do that is if i needed parts from the oldest one but didn't want those parts on my new system.
    anyways its best to move the motherboard than a CPU. its easier, safer and always compatible. moving the processor to another computer might lead to incompatibilities.
  2. if you are upgrading you generally have to change
  3. Video ram? You mean the graphics card, right?

    It would help if we had more details. Sounds as if you plan on keeping the same motherboard. If so, especially if it is dated, you'll have to find a CPU that is faster than the current one but still compatible with your board. Generally speaking, you'll notice the biggest performance boost from adding more RAM to your system (4 GB will likely be max for you, either hardware level or due to the OS). If you game, you'll see the biggest increase in RAM and a new graphics card. Make sure you do research to make sure the card will be compatible with your motherboard and power supply.

    A new CPU can benefit you, but depending on the motherboard and age of the processor, you'll likely have to buy an all new motherboard to handle any new CPUs.

    Edit: Also, if your oldest computer still works, donate it for a tax write off. Even if you don't get a write off, you'll still benefit someone who could use it at no cost or hassle to you.

    Edit 2: Right, the title. DDR 3 is faster than DDR 2, though at a cost of timings. However, if your computer has DDR 2, then you'll need an all new motherboard to handle DDR 3, as DDR 3 is not backwards compatible with with DDR 2, DDR 1, etc etc etc.
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