Modern Warfare 2 is Most Pirated Game of 2009

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 broke all sorts of records -- even illegal ones.

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  1. Im glad you included the downloads for Modded 360's, the likes of Infinity Ward seem to forget that piracy is rife on consoles as well!!!
  2. Pretty much the only title I'm actually glad a lot of people pirated rather then paid for, what with all the 'IW doesnt actually give a damn about PC gamers'.
  3. I wont be surprised if the majority of downloads is due to the dedicated server issue - without the desire to go online most cant be arsed with a legitimate version.
    Hell, they might've gone into double figures (10m+) sales if they had corrected that mistake.
  4. It should have been totally boycotted and not even pirated. This only gives them the excuse of piracy to make worse PC versions or not at all.
  5. The game wasnt worth paying £30 for so no wonder everyone downloaded it
  6. The game is worth the money! Spec on PC, yeah the competitive factor was taken out but the game itself it quite amazing.
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