Diskeeper Can Help Prevent HDD Fragmentation

The Diskeeper Corporation claims that its technology can prevent HDD fragmentation.

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  1. Preventing fragmentation during the use of your pc....would that not consume quite a bit more resources while reading or writing data to and from you HDD?
  2. Only while writing, but I agree. I'd rather have a nippy PC when I use it and schedule a 3am defrag once a week.
  3. It's not THAT hard to defrag every now and then is it?
  4. Agree with mi1ez, better to have quick read/writes during daily use and let Windows do its thing during idle time.
  5. Really loved the earlier versions of Diskeeper, but hated this one. It constantly accesses the hard drive, even if the drive isn't currently in use. At one stage it spent 24 hours constantly accessing th drive, without defragmenting a single file. I have a fairly noisy drive on my laptop, so this was a pain. Much preferred their old version which defragged when the screensaver was running.
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