Has anyone try to install fx 8350 on msi 890fxa-gd70

hi guys, i want to upgrade my CPU to fx 8350 pile driver but i have msi 890fx-Gd70 mobo and i want to know if anyone has try that on this mobo or is capable of handling that cpu. i have the lastest bios 1.0e
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  1. Your MSI 890FXA-GD70 - only lists Bulldozer (Zambezi) CPU's so until such time there's CPUID (microcode) support for AMD Piledriver's the new CPU would more than likely fail to post. So if and when MSI offers Piledriver support you must first flash you BIOS; use only M-Flash and never flash through an OS.
  2. I am certain the Vishera cpus require 900 series chipset, like 970 or 990 according to AMDs own website. Maybe the 890 thrown in too, check MSI site/boards maybe?
  3. You might just have to buy a new Motherboard to upgrade.
  4. Granted every Piledriver AM3+ MOBO I've seen (so far) has been paired with an AMD 9 Series Chipset. Also, the only info I've seen were pre-released slides showing AM3+ and 'AMD 9 Series Chipset'.

    The only info on AMD's site I've found is vague - and

    So if there's official info limiting Piledriver's to AMD 9 Series Chipset's I haven't seen it ... yet. Certainly, I wouldn't be surprised.
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    Update, ASRock's 890FX supports the FX-8350; link -
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  7. spookyman said:
    You might just have to buy a new Motherboard to upgrade.

    why it's that ASRrock 890fx support 8350 CPU but not msi 890fx. msi needs to come out with bios update or they want us to buy another new board. if so i will not buy msi mobo but i will rather buy ASROCK OR GIGABYTE MOBO.
  8. Even the ASUS M5A88-M (880G) supports the FX-8350 -

    As to 'why' ... maybe/hopefully MSI hasn't gotten around to doing it yet or maybe they won't ever. NewEgg lists the MSI 890FX-GD70 as 'Discontinued' -
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