Can you replace the motherboards in a HP Desktop Computer?

Hi guys,

My current computer is a HP Compaq CQ3430AN Model.

This is the full product specifications:

I'm planning to replace the motherboard with a GIGABYTE GA-Z77X-D3H LGA 1155 Intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard (

I know that both the motherboard in my current computer and the above motherboard are micro ATX, but I've heard somewhere that some HP computers might have a design that make only their motherboards suitable? I was wondering if it was true and that I'd be required to buy a new case.

Also the specifications for my current computer says its running off a 250W PSU. Would I need a new one supporting 600-650W if I plan on buying the above motherboard and putting an i5-3570k and GTX 560 on it? If so, do all PSU's have the same size? (Any recommendations would be awesome too :))

Thanks :)
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    it says its a micro-atx board so it any standard micro-atc board will fit. what you need to look for is if your case uses standard front panel connections or some proprietary connections. I know for a fact dell and I think HP used proprietary ones up until ~2007, they might have changed their ways since then but I haven't looked inside one of their computers since ~2007.

    what I am referring to as standard connections

    get plugged in here

    proprietary connection, dell uses/used something like this

    so basically if you don't see any cables like the first pic, any motherboard besides an HP is not going to work.
  2. Okay I'll open it up and check it out soon. If I don't see any cables like the first pic, can I just get a new case and reuse the same hard drives etc?
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  4. Haha it turns out my HP one proprietary :( But I opened up my old computer that used Intel Duo 2 Core and its like the one you showed in the first two images. Thanks again for the replies flank, really appreciate it!
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