Part 3: Building A Balanced Gaming PC

What does it mean to build a truly-balanced PC? How great would it be to piece together a machine bottlenecked by neither CPU or GPU? We set forth to measure the perfect balance in seven different games and four resolutions in this third of many parts.

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  1. No links from P5 to P6?
  2. It would be really good for those of us who have already read the previous articles in this series to have a "cut to the chase" summary, that tells us which parts are different. There is so much copy-paste that it's hard to find the new stuff.
  3. It seems this was edited a few months back, but posted now.
  4. Looks like the moral of the story a 5870.
  5. Socket [bAM3: Asus M4N82 Deluxe

    The Asus M4N82 Deluxe will be put to use when it comes time to test dual GeForce cards in SLI paired up to our Socket AM3 processors.

    Socket AM2+, I think.

    Amazing what you can get for your money in terms of CPU power, from both camps.
  6. reported
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