Please suggest best full atx Z77 for Core i5-3550 Ivy Bridge 3.3GHz (3.7GHz Turb

Hello all you that know so much about computers than me,

I want to buy this CPU and have agonized over the motherboard i want to buy. Tom's reviews have me leaning toward the ASRock Extreme4 or the Gigabyte UD3H. I don't plan on playing with overclocking much (if at all) and will be getting a fairly serious graphics card (preferably GeForce w/ Kepler).

All i really care about it not choosing a board that will bottleneck or limit the CPU and graphics card. I hope to spend somewhere around $150-175 (or less), and live in US so availability is not an issue. Thank you very much
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    Either one will be more than adequate. Having owned both Gigabyte and ASRock mobos, I feel comfortable with either one. The ASRock Extreme 4 is fantastic but I did run into some USB issues as many others have.
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