P8Z77-V won't boot up (BOOT_DEVICE_LED is RED)

i get a New PC today, install all the hardware, and start to installing win7 64bit, but when was almost finished "preparing your desktop for first use" and boom no desktop just rebooting rebooting rebooting ... i try everything, removing the memo (ddr3 16bg cors) updating the bios (BIOS 0906) and etc. please help me
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  1. What is your boot device -- an SSD or hard drive? Go into the bios and make sure that your boot device is correct, also disconnect any other hard drives other than the boot drive. You will have to re-install Windows 7, and when it starts just delete all partitions so that it can start a fresh install.

    First though, I would put all the memory back in and run memtest86 to insure that your memory is okay, you can get a free image to make a boot and test cd here: http://www.memtest.org/
  2. nvm, i get it, old ver. of Win7 reinstall it to 2011 and all its okey, tnx for the help btw :)))))
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