What does Crossfirex support mean on a psu?

The title says it all, what does Crossfirex support mean on a power supply... Any helpful answer is welcome!
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    It means that the marketing department stumbled upon a fun buzzword to put on the side of the box.

    Generally it means that the power supply has more than one PCI-E connector, so you could in theory run two cards on it if they each only needed one connector. Just because a power supply claims to be Crossfire or SLI capable doesnt mean that it can do it for every card, sometimes they are restricted to low power cards like 5750s.

    Dont pay much attention to the fancy marketing they put on power supplies, most of it is made up mumbo jumbo that doesnt mean anything, or is confused as to what it meant.
  2. ... damn well thanks! the card i have has 2 pci-e power in so i guess that means ill have to buy a better psu... well thanks again!
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