530W Be Quiet! Pure Power BQT L7 Question

530W Be Quiet! Pure Power BQT L7 is my power supply i need to know how much you can plug into it, how much can it handle at a very safe rate.
Is there a certain way to plug each component in? ive been told not to plug in too many parts with one power supply cable, try to spread it out between all the cables.
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  1. anyone?
    i'm going to using a blu-ray drive, 2 HDD's, 2x 4GB RAM, i5 750 @2.67GHz & Radeon HD 6850 or maybe higher. also i have 120mm case fans at front and back and 2x 120mm case fans on the side (4x 120mm fans in total)
  2. No one know , just install it and you will know, and Bequite! Is my favorite psu good and silent also high effeicienci but a but expensive
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