Just tell me where to plug in "mic bias" and "mic in" here is a pic of my sound card http://img708.imageshack.us/img708/1720/dsc04777r.jpg or if u cant open that http://imageshack.us/photo/my-imag [...] 4777r.jpg/ plz help, i really want to use my front panel. - only for mic.this pic will say everything http://img560.imageshack.us/img560 [...] jhrtuj.jpg help! :)
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  1. you need to plug it in a rabbits ear. the mic bias goes in rabbits left ear, the mic in goes in rabbits right ear. You dont want to know where the sound out plugs into
  2. I can't tell what soundcard that is from that pic, post a pic of the other side but its very likey that you won't be using your front panel 'mic in' with that soundcard as it does not have a mic header on it. You would need to wire the mic lines to a plug and plug it in the correct jack in the back
  3. Its C-Media 8738 5.1 sound card. Ok i 'll try.
  4. c-media 8738 is the audio chip used not the brand of the card. You might not have a mic in jack if you use it 5.1 mode. Try to find the manufacturer and download their users manual.
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