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I have just reinstalled windows on my machine and it installed ok but I cant get it online, If I look in that device manager thing it shows the yellow ? next to the lan settings so someone tells me i need the chipset drivers for my motherboard, I ran a programme and it tells me my motherboard is this:
Motherboard Properties:

Motherboard ID 04/12/2005-MS-7025-6A61CM4DC-00

Motherboard Name Unknown

Front Side Bus Properties:

Bus Type AMD Hammer

Real Clock 200 MHz

Effective Clock 200 MHz

Memory Bus Properties:

Bus Type Dual DDR SDRAM

Bus Width 64-bit

Real Clock 200 MHz (DDR)

Effective Clock 400 MHz

Bandwidth 6400 MB/s

I have been all over tha MSI site installed a number of different driver things but thing still dont work, the only way I can get online is by using my ubunta disc can anyone point to the file that includes the correct whatever it is that i need to get this thing online that would be great I am not to good at this stuff.


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  1. check right under the ram and cpu the model should be written there somewhere
  2. On the mobo it will have the model # and Rev 1, 1.2, 2.0 ..... Once you have that info - go to MSI web site & download mobo driver(hopefully you have access to another web connected computer). Do you have the original cd with drivers on it? This may have older drivers but they should do till you're connected.
  3. Evening

    Thanks for the info and indeed I have found the following
    it a K8NNE02 MS7025 VERSION 1

    I then had a look on this page

    I am not to sure which one I will need, I think its the one 6th up from the bottom would anyone be as kind to have a scan and confirm if I am right and many thanks for the help s far.

    Many thanks

  4. thats the boad there are your drivers pick your OS from teh drop down menu then download and install it
  5. ah yes somehow I missed the dropdown option asking for my operating system but I now have one last question, I am using windows xp pro but the dropdown box asks for xp32 or xp64, how do i know which one I have.

    Many thanks again.
  6. from start menu go to accessories then system tools then system information,if your system type is 64bit then its 64bit if its x86 then its 32bit
  7. Thanks for that info it turns out I have the 32 bit pc.

    Well i downloaded a file called NF3_CK8S.ZIP got this installed and done a restart but for some reason I still cant get the pc online, I think this might now be starting to drift away from the original post about me needing help with the motherboard chipset software which I thought was the cause of my issue to do with not getting online but just in case anyone has some last idea of what my problem might now be I will post a screen shot of my device manager and some other bits but once again thankyou for all the help I really dont know much about how computers work and this forum has been really helpful.

    Many thanks


  8. Screenshot did not work was not allowed to edit message so here's 2nd go at getting screenshot to work

    Uploaded with
  9. you need to download the Realtek Gigabit Ethernet Drivers and Realtek ALC Series AC'97 Audio Drivers for MSI nForce 3 Series board
  10. Hi

    Thanks for that I downloaded \and installed the other bits but that does not seem to have made any change sadly so maybe a need a version 1 club hammer.

    If I have the correct drivers installed should it connect automatically now or do i need to do something else I think I have gone as far as I can with this perhaps I need to get the pc to someone who can look at it.

    Thanks again for all the help

    Cheers all
  11. good idea and good luck
  12. OK I now have it working, people on this forum got me as close as can be done so in case anyone else has the same issue here's what I done, using all the info above i downloaded a file from the MSI site called Realtek_Gigabit_Lan_mb, where I went wrong was I expected to see a setup or exe file in this folder but there is not one.

    What is needed go to device manager find the Lan device with no driver and to install the driver right click on it and go to the install driver from a specific location and point to this location Realtek_Gigabit_Lan_mb/Gigabit/PCI/WINXP/ and thats it driver installed now I am online using windows :pt1cable:

    I bet anyone how is used to playing with computers is laughing out of beleif that I never bothered to do this in the first place however all is now good many thanks.

    It's working
  13. glad you fixed it :P
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