Microsoft Wants Windows 7 Users to Upgrade

We learned before that there will be six versions of Windows 7, but will that be all? Perhaps not.

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  1. Happy with XP and all the latest PC games are DRM nasty so I wont buy them. I'll stick with the old - its better.
  2. All is good with Windows 7 apart from stuff like this. I am an MS fanboy at the worst of times but they really NEED to rationlise the editions line-up.
    Home, Pro, Enhanced is all that is needed at a stretch. Two versions ideally Home & Pro. Yep, that is something they need to carry over from XP.
    Continued use of XP is a lot like continued use of DOS as XP came to market. Lets not forget DOS allowed you to completely dedicate all system resources to your single application. Imagine that now (or maybe not...)
  3. Netbook,
    Netbook ARM version,
    2005 PC
    2006 PC
    2007 PC
    2008 PC

    Then all the 64 bit editions.
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