My screen goes black after i installed my new video card

hello guys, my problem is, that when i plug-in my new video card (by the way, i didn't replace my video card, so it is really new, and first one of my cpu) anyways, when i connect my new monitor to my new video card (via the blue plug, i dont know what it is called) the screen goes black after xp load screen, or if the computer do a disc check, after that it freezes on the screen, but when i plug in my monitor to the built-in video card (on the processor i think?) it runs normal, i think the video card is the problem? or am i doing something wrong..? this is the first time i've put in a video card in my cpu, so i'm a total noob..

here's the video card that i bought: ATI Radeon HD 4650 1GB DDR3 DVI/CRT HDMI, thanks for the answers, hope you can help me..

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  1. It's not the card it's Windows XP. Your BIOS is setting the NEW card as the boot card and XP is displaying through the OLD card's video driver. Go into safe mode and disable the old video card in device manager. Once your old video card is disabled it will start the new one in VGA mode, install the driver from there. Make sure to get the LATEST driver. Preferable from the AMD website if you can.
  2. PS... The reason this is occurring is because the BIOS isn't disabling the onboard card, it is just using the new one over the old one as default. XP knows nothing about this and starts the video driver like nothing has occurred. The new card's video driver is incompatible with the "current" one and can't run at the same time. If you want you can install all of the drivers for the new card before you disable the old one. No need really to use safe mode as long as you can see what you are doing. Game On!

    BTW that "blue plug" is analog VGA and you should avoid it like the plague these days :) Use DVI whenever, wherever possible and HDMI as a last resort.
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