Don't Plan On OverClocking - 2500k Necessary?

If I don't plan to overclock, is there any reason to get the i5 2500K over any lesser Sandy Bridge? I primarily use my computer for gaming, nothing else. I don't overclock anything else.
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  1. Nope.
  2. The only difference is that the i5-2500K has Intel-unlocked multipliers but as Psycho has said above, for only $20 more you have the option in the future. Intel's 'K' editions are the equivalent to AMD's 'Black Edition' processors.
  3. Since the K option is cheap, I would get it. Whenever you sell it in the future, that is the version people will want to pay more for.

    If you should want to OC, you will need a P67 based motherboard, not a H67 based one.

    That said, the 2500 basic should drive any single gpu card very well; no OC needed.
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