MEGA budget upgrade!

okay, this is what i need upgrading for £200 MAX! :)

> packard bell ixtreme gold mc 1807 <

Intel Pentium 4 640. 3.2 GHz.
Socket LGA775.
1 GB (DDR)
HDD - Parallel ATA
ASUS P5S800-VM - motherboard - micro ATX << link to all mobo specs.

this is what i have selected and it pretty much replaces everything inside :) < CPU < mobo < FAN + Heatsink < RAM < POWER < GPU

The reason for a few of my choices is because of the wiring inside the system :)

this all comes to about £180 off the top of my head but... could anyone recommend a GPU for that price with a little more grunt?

Power supply is 250W.

I live in the UK.
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  1. any one out there to help?
  2. You should definately get an AM3 build, so you can upgrade easily in a few years.
    This build got some good upgrade features (eg 6core support)
    First things first: DIRECTLY throw away that crappy cheap *cough* 250W *cough* no-name PSU!
    I listed newegg-prizes, in the hardware world you should be able to buy this stuff for £200,-

    CPU: Sempron 140 (good performance, overclocks good and perhaps you can unlock it. $33)
    MOBO: ASRock 880GM-LE (supports cpu's up to phenom II x6, good upgrade features for only $55)
    RAM: 2Gb DDR3 Kinston Valuram ($30)
    HDD: 160gb SATA II Western Digital (24$)
    PSU: Antec 350W PSU ($30)
    Total: $172

    We've got some budget left:
    Upgrade CPU to an athlon II x2 245 (+$25)
    Replace the onboard GPU to a HD5450 500mb ddr3 (+30$)

    Grand Total: $197/$202
    You should be able to buy those parts/comparable parts for £200 in the UK.

    The onboard GPU is a hd4250 that "steals" 500mb RAM (leaving 1,5Gb "system" RAM)
    If you want to play games, get the hd5450. Otherwise, get the cpu upgrade.

    PS: Don't get the 1gb hd5450, as you will NEVER use more then 500mb.
    Also, don't get an aftermarket CPU-cooler. That sempron with a MAX usage of only 45W under full load doesn't need anything better than the stock cooler. Even not when overclocked/unlocked.
    Keep in mind that the sempron !!MIGHT!! unlock to an Athlon II x2 and !!MIGHT!! overclock to ~3.2GHz on stock cooler. It's a gamble. Even if it doesnt unlock/overclock, the sempron's speed will amaze you. (athlon ii x2 245 can't unlock to anything else, but you
    !!MIGHT!! overclock it to ~3,5GHz also)
  3. lol forgot to say i will be dumping this system in 2 years :) for reasons i cannot say.

    I have a HDD so that's not a problem, just need a SATA cable
    BUT on comparison the Athlon 64 i picked blows away a good few things > < (7850 vs ii 255)
    7850 is almost £30 cheaper and am damn sure its better than the sampron :)

    No way am i going to try and over-clock anything :(

    --picked thet mobo for bw compatibility--

    What does anyone else recommend? AND! what about my choice on this build?

    @Dmed Thanks for the info and i rather like your choice in components! nice one :)
  4. I think that you really should go with an AM3 cpu/mobo.
    This way you can replace your sempron/athlon ii x2 with a phenom ii x4/x6 in a year or two. Your am2+ build doesn't have much upgrade headroom.
    Of course that am2+ cpu-build will be cheaper, but in the long run the am3 setup will be better.

    And btw, in that benchmark the athlon ii x2 was the clear winner. Most graphs say "lower is better".
  5. Here's a build with UK-links:

    CPU: AMD Sempron 145 ($28)
    Mobo: Gigabyte 740G (£40)
    RAM: Kingston 1x2gb DDR3 RAM (£28)
    HDD: 250Gb SATA2 Seagate (£26)
    PSU: Corsair 430W (£36)
    GPU: XFX HD4650 512mb (£38)
    Grand total: £196 :sol:

    That hd4650 beats a hd5450 hands down.
    Get the sempron, and upgrade the cpu in 1 or 2 years.

    This system will last you three years easily with a ~£75 upgrade down the road (add another 2gb ram and replace the cpu).
  6. ^ :D

    Don't need a new HDD so i will gt with everything + X2 455
    Thanks guys! :)
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