Best long term storage method for CPU?


I recently purchased a 2600K and due to the latest run of MOBOs "going pop" I will be unable to use it for the next several months until the new MOBOs hit market.
As always, I remove the CPU from is packing so that I may give it a good once-over for any cosmetic damage it may have sustained during shipment and due to the fact that I dont like how they pack and ship the CPU directly at the top of the box.
I put it back in its clam-shell box after giving it a look and now I am at a bit of a loss as to where and how to safely store it until the time comes to install it.

A bit of help?
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  1. It shouldn't really matter, as long as it doesn't get knocked around at all there should be little issues. Especially since Intel put the pins on the motherboard so as long as it's in it's original packaging there should be no issues as that's where its stored before it's bought anyway.
  2. just leave it in the packaging it came in and it will be fine..
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