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I'm in a bit of a tough spot. I have 3 drives that were configured in a RAID 5 array that I need to get some data off of them. I don't have the original server equipment available or controller card that was attached to them. The array is complete, none of the disks are in a failed state. They were just removed from the previous server.

Is there any way possible to recover the data from them? Possible using a usb connection of some sort?
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  1. There are utilities available to recover data from a RAID array.

    Go to and take a look at their RAID Recovery application. It is available as a free download to evaluate if it can recover your data but you must pay for a license to actually recover the data. This is pretty robust software that supports all the major file systems.

    Good luck!
  2. Try raid reconstructor. The trial version will let you know what it can recover before you buy the program.
  3. I've used R-studio with great success for this exact same thing

  4. www.***
  5. Hey guys, thanks for all your help. I was able to rebuild the RAID array and successfully recover the data using ReclaiMe. I also checked out the tools you recommended and found them very useful as well. thanks again for all the replies. :)
  6. Hello, it seems you have accidentally lost some of the essential files from raid. However you can recover them by number of software available on internet. But this can be done if you have not overwritten them. Have you used raid after data loss?
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