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I am doing my first build in a while using a 60Gb Mushkin SSD and and 600GB VelociRaptor with a Asrock Extreme 3 Z77 MB. What would be the best way to set this up? My original plan was to get two SSDs and put them in a raid 0, but one of the drives came in damaged and a replacement would be a few months away, so I ordered the VR. Would it be best to install the OS on the SSD and use the HDD for games and storage or would it be better to use the Intel Smart Response Cacheing and install everything on the HDD and use the SSD for Cache.

Thanks for your Help
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  1. personnaly i would put 2 velociraptors in raid 0 for everything and and 1 ssd fro the os
  2. The best set up is what you´ve planned -- 2 SSD in Raid 0.

    Since you´re going to a 1x SSD + 1x HDD, then install the OS on the SSD setting it to AHCI in the Bios.
  3. That depends on what you want to use the system for. Long story short, if the software you really want to enjoy SSD speeds will fit into 15gb or less, then install the OS on the SSD along with that software (assuming you're using windows 7). If you want a speed bump for more than 15gb of software/games, then use the SSD as a cache - though I believe intel's cache implementation will only use up to 32gb as cache, the remaning capacity won't be used (my memory may be faulty).

    good luck!
  4. Its a computer I am bulding for my Brother; It is going to be a discount gaming Rig and most of his games are from Steam. Would I see any benefit installing the OS on the SSD and running the games off the HD over using the SSD as cache in this instance. My last home built rig was with an X2 so the new SSD are outside of what I am used to.
  5. If only the OS is on he ssd, then only the OS will benefit. You'll see fast boot up and shutdown times, but the games themselves will not see any boost.
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