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Is there any type of program or website that i could enter a system spec into that would give me an average fps id get while playing a certian game?

Looking to build but want to get the best bang for buck :D
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  1. no, but you can look at benchmarks for the components. there are far to many configurations (both software and hardware) to be able to keep an accurate record.

    but that's why we are here. give us a budget and we can tell you what would be the best bang for buck. some of us follow such things incessantly.
  2. There is no such website or program that would offer such results. This is why minimal and suggested requirements are still on game boxes. You can generally get a good idea on how your performance is going to be by looking at benchmarks of the hardware you plan to buy. If you have trouble deciding consider using this method. Look at benchmarks for example the GPU benchmarks here on,101.html

    Look at the best performers averagely that will match your budget. (Tom's also has a best bang for buck GPU
    article they release normally monthly which gives solid advice)

    For a example lets say that your budget fits with a i5 750 and a 5830 simply take benchmarks from both of these and see if they at least give acceptable performance individually. If they both meet or exceed your expectations then its safe to say its a safe buy. While your hardware will no doubt give different performance than those bench tested due to hardware differences you will however have a general idea to what you can expect.

    If you have a certain game or other software you have in mind that you specifically wish to run as smoothly and with as much eye candy as possible and cannot find a benchmark with lets say in this case its Tropico3 then what you should do is try to find a bench-marked game with similar or preferably higher requirements. If the hardware can easily handle something with higher requirements then generally performance on lower requirement programs will run great as well.
  3. Theres these sites, but they only work on an existing system

    if you fill in a buildsheet, you'll get advice more suited to what your requirements are

    list the games you intend to play as a guideline :)
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