Motherboard swapped, will not boot

I have been having issues with my P8P67 for what has been a month and finally had it RMA'ed. I just got the motherboard back and hooked up everything. When I select which hard drive to boot up, my C300 shows up without UEIF (or whatever). I select that and my computer just sits there endlessly with a flashing white underscore. I have AHCI enabled in bios and the marvell device disable (I'm using the Intel SATA 3 ports). Any suggestions?
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  1. I've also seen this happen on my system but with a Gigabyte GA-H55M-USB3 motherboard and Corsair F60 SDD plugged into a SATA3 port.

    I never really got to the bottom of it but I used a different keyboard and a ps2 mouse and it suddenly started working? Perhaps give that a shot if you have spares kicking around.
  2. Did you leave an extra standoff behind the new MB that is shorting it. out?
    Happens a lot during MB swaps.
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