How to Create a System Image Backup in Windows xp

I tried searching but quite confused.

I am wondering how can I make a system image backup with Windows XP? Meaning, I want to back up my entire hard drive (OS, programs, personal files, settings) so if there ever is a problem and I need to format, I can use the image to restore XP to the way it was when I backed up.

I don't have the Back Up utility on XP, it's not installed. I checked. So what software (free) can I use that will do this for me?

Also is it possible to set it up like an OEM, like create a partition put the backup there, and when restarting system press F11 for recovery?

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  1. I like a program called paragon has a free version(not tried it) but here is the link
  2. Clonezilla and "Macrium Reflect" are also free. If you want a restore partition, you will most likely need paid software. Acronis True Image Home has what is called it's "secure zone" which is a backup partition.
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