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I am running on Win XP SP3 and my internal disk ( became suddenly extremely slow, even slower than my external usb drive.

I looked up and found something about Device Manager and Ultra DMA Mode. I checked if everything was correct, and it correctly displays 'DMA if available'/'Ultra DMA Mode 5'.

I used to get like 60 MB/s, and now I get like 10 MB/s.
Does anyone have an idea what the issue could be?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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  1. first off if the drive real full or never been defraged. i would start with the ccleaner and defrag or defragler. then a malware bytes scan. i would check to see that you only have one anti virus program running if it a few years old..think about uninstalling it for free mse/avast/avg. use msconfig and turn every thing off other the nthe video card and anti virus software and rerun the drive test. if still slow try updating the mb chipset drivers. if no help use a drive tool and read the smart info to see if the drive going bad and also run a vendor test tool.
  2. If the drive is full, remove, burn or transfer your data.
    I would try the above suggestions & then try out SpinRite if it's still slow.
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