My laptop is showing only c drive not other d e drives

Hello, sir..
my laptop is showing C drive only but not shwing the other drive (D,E,and F)? what is happening and what is the solution to get back those drives
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  1. do you have one or two physcial drives? How were the partitions assigned to the drives? If you have more than one drive does the BIOS see all the drives?
  2. sir I have one physical drive. the partitions are initially present in my laptop when I brought. the bios is also not showing all the drives. it shows only drive C and System reserved drive and it also shows the unlocated drive, but it doesn't shows the D, E, and F drives which initially present my computer. I have more important documents in partition E. This problem happen suddenly. How this happen I don't know. I switched off the computer properly but today when I opened the computer I am unable to see the partitions D, E, and F.
  3. Easeus partition recovery may be able to get those back for you.
  4. Thank you so much sir. It worked and now my laptop is showing all the drivers. once again thank you so much.
  5. Great! Glad that worked for you.
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