Gigaybe GA-880GM - Does it have an LED power indicator?

I've just put together a new box and am having power issues, I'm just wondering if the gigabyte GA-880GM motherboard has an LED power indicator light anywhere? I can't seem to find one and google isn't finding any answers.

I can't find one anywhere on the board but I might just be missing it while it's off.
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  1. I cant find anything either and any pictures I see it doesn't look like there is,
    but try running through section three on this,
    just to double/triplecheck your progress so far
  2. Thanks, I crudely tested out the power supply by connecting the green ATX cable to a black earth with a paperclip and found that it was dead so I'll be replacing it tomorrow. Still strange to note that there doesn't seem to be an LED power indicator on this board, the first one I've ever used without that feature.
  3. Not all have them,
    its still a relatively recent addition to boards but even having one only really tells you that the led is getting power ok, hope the new psu works out ok though
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