Intake/Exhaust ratio for Antec 300...?

PROPOSED SETUP: Antec 300 case (which includes one top 140mm fan and one rear 120mm) with three additional 120mm fans; (of the additional fans) two connected to the mobo and one to the power. The top and two front fans would be intakes, and the back and side fans would be exhausts.

What configuration of intake/exhaust fans would you recommend? *I'm assuming that all fans can be 'flipped'.*
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    FIRST: The side fan should ALWAYS be an intake ... always.

    Second: It is alright to have a slight, positive internal pressure.

    3rd: Front fans are also intakes, to cool HDDs (usually blow air directly across drives)

    4) Top and rear fans are almost always exhaust (heat rises and noise flows w/air)

    5) The PSU also acts as an exhaust fan (for the entire system envelope). ... "should".

    6) calculate by CFM but you're not likely to know CFM for PSU ... so ... guestimate ??

    7) I would want active inflow to exceed active outflow by 5% to 20% ... "druthers".

    = Al =
  2. I forgot about drive heat *n00b facepalm* :lol:.

    So two front fans for intake and the rear, side and top for exhaust? And yes, the PSU has a 120mm fan.

  3. Ignore what I said. Good answer and I will take your recommendations. :)

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