Bios sees hard drive, but Windows 7 installation does not


I'm using a custom built computer, the hard drive is a sata2 WD 1tb hard drive, and the motherboard is an Asus sabertooth x58, with an i7 920.

My problem is, the windows 7 installer i'm using cannot see the hard drive altho the bios can. I've tried loading the intel *****10R driver for the SATA 2 ports, and also the marvell driver for the SATA 3 ports and Ive switched the hard drive from SATA 2 to SATA 3 and back again to no avail. I've also tried changing the sata config in the bios from ide to ahci, also to no avail.

Help please =[
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  1. What do you mean by "the windows 7 installer i'm using..."? Aren't you booting from the DVD?

    The BIOS may detect the hard disk, but it doesn't necessarily try to access it. Does that drive work when connected to another system?
  2. booting from a usb drive, got windows 7 loaded onto it. drive works on another system, its empty.
  3. How can it be empty if you loaded Windows 7 on it? Does the other system boot from it?
  4. got windows 7 loaded onto [the usb drive]. hard drive is wiped.
  5. If I understand correctly, you boot from a USB drive to install Windows 7 on the hard drive. Did you follow this guide?

    Does installing from a DVD work or do you run into the same issue?
  6. jayfurrie here after a while, i stumbled on this and wanted to share what ended up happening in case someone else has this same issue..
    it turned out to be the iso image, something didn't allow it to see the hd (even though I specifically loaded the right drivers).

    i burned another iso i found off thepiratebay, and voila it worked.
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