Monitor n gpu mismatch.which port to use??dvi to dvi or dvi to hdmi??

a friend of mine bought a viewsonic vx2260wm lcd monitor which supports HDMI...but his gpu,ATI 4830,doesnt have any hdmi has two dual link dvi ports...

now,which cable should he use?? dvi to dvi or dvi to hdmi?? will it make any difference (as his gpu doesnt support hdmi anyways)??
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  1. Use the dvi to dvi cable.
  2. either/or. Have the 4870 w/samsung T240HD and tryed both, didn't notice differnce. Not sure if sound was carried thru on both as I have changed monitor to a samsung P2770HD. Computer 1 (4870) uses the hdmi and computer 2 (5770) uses the DVI. (Monitor only has one each hdmi/dvi/component)
  3. treefrog07 said:
    Use the dvi to dvi cable.

    but will there be a difference in performance/picture quality??
  4. Picture quality should be the same as DVI and HDMI cables use the same signal.
  5. I just got a Viewsonic 2433WM and tried using an hdmi connection from a radeon 4850 - the picture was awful for desktop use. It defaulted to full overscan but was still not very sharp when I set the overscan to display at the correct size. This would be perfect for a dvd player or console connection over hdmi but is unusable for a PC.

    The display is perfect using the dvi connection.

    I can't say whether the monitor or video card are to blame but your friend's setup is very similar so I would expect the same result
  6. If your monitor has speakers and you want to utilize them, use the HDMI, otherwise the DVI is the best cable to use.

    I have a 4890 and the Samsung T220HD and when using the HDMI, I can use my monitor's sound, but I'm not as free to choose certain monitor settings in my monitor's menu. When I use the DVI cable, I have no sound on my speakers, but I can change more settings in my monitor's menu.
  7. Yes you will need to run a cable (3.5mm to 3.5mm supplied with monitor) when using the DVI (or VGA) connection but the speakers aren't great anyway

    The hdmi connection on the viewsonic seems to be designed for consumer electronics, not for a PC connection.
    Most TV's are the same, HDMI is assumed to be a DVD player or such like and enables a different set of video controls including dynamic contrast etc.
  8. I was just looking through the Viewsonic menu and discovered that it lists the HDMI connection twice - "HDMI AV" & "HDMI PC".
    I'm guessing that this using the "HDMI PC" option will solve the problems I encountered and give me the same image as DVI with audio, I'll swap the cable over whyen I get a chance and let you know.
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