Wd The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable

Hi, i was using my computer, when the computer suddenly restarted it self and now when i try to access my newly installed wd 1tb hard drive, it says The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable. I had all sorts of stuff in there i don't want to lose now i cant access it. I tried using checkdisk that says it cant fix it or something. Tried using spin rite to fix the hard drive and that popped up with a new error "division overflow error a critical error occurred at : D022 From which spin rite cannot recover the system has been halted". i then googled this error and read something about it being due to spin rite not liking your mobos bios. So i ripped it out my pc and put it in my bros pc and ran spin rite there exact same thing happened -.-. i also tried using windows repair that didnt work either spent most of the night on this. Hope some one has a solution thanks.

(p.s cant belive my wd harddrive failed me with in a week of installing it my 2 year old samsung f1 is still going strong)
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  1. Today i woke up to find my windows 7 not booting up and bsoding on me(A process or thread crucial to system has unexpectedly exited or terminated)
    It happens before the windows 7 log in screen would normaly come up . -.- Bump
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