How to overclock the northbridge?

I'm fairly new to overclocking, but have managed to get my Phenom II x4 965 BE up to 3.9 ghz at 1.5v and run prime95 stable for something like 14 hours. With my CM hyper 212 plus, the max temps are roughly 57 C, so I wanna try to push it to 4.0 and call it a win. However, this damn cpu seems to hate 4.0 ghz because no matter what I do, it won't stay stable for more than 20 minutes of prime. Everywhere I've looked, it tells me that you generally must raise the northbridge to get that magical 4 on the phenom II x4. As I said, I'm fairly new to overclocking in general, so where do I start when it comes to NB overclocking? It seems easy enough, just raise voltage and clock speed, but I'm not completely certain. Any tips? Using an Asrock 970 extreme4 mobo btw (970 chipset).
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  1. I seem to have the same problem of reaching 4.0+Ghz, with the same CPU, but my voltage setting are still at 1.45v.
  2. Try asking in the overclocking thread. You will likely get more responses.
  3. Overclocking the northbrigde is only gonna add more instability, you always overclock one thing at a time.

    Are cool n quiet and c1e set to off already, as well as any other power saving features? Make sure windows power setting is set to performance mode as well.

    I recommend you slowly add more voltage to the cpu, one increment at a time.

    Your cpu is safe up to 1.55v but if you get up to 60C you need to stop and figure out how to get your temps down.

    Post back with your results or any questions you might have.
  4. Northbridge overclocking brings you up to nowhere. Trust me it's not worthing the instability.
    Be glad that you even reached 3.9ghz mine is reaching only 3.6ghz in modest Vcore voltage.
    If you want to risk it though than you have to go (if you have an Ami Bios) under 2. or third tab and raise the Mhz in small 5mhz steps until you've reached your Destination.


    Take on the FSB and blow this up until you've reached your goal.

    Now happy overclocking fellas :pt1cable:
  5. Northbridge overclocking is very much recommended as the performance increase is substantial, all i suggested was to do one part at a time. As soon as the OP is happy with the cpu overclock we'll move on to the northbridge.
  6. Ops wrong thread, can a mod please delete this?
  7. This post was made a wile ago but I second the OP. I'm a first timer to but everywhere I read is the same. First CPU then Northbridge then Memory as far as overclocking.
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