Dell inspiron desktop 530s motherboard swap ?

i want want to change out the motherboard because it is dead, but i want to put a different motherboard in like a different microATX MB ? is this possible ??
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  1. You might be able to do it, you might not. Dell uses a lot of proprietary parts, which won't work with the standard part bought on the market. We can have no idea if you can without knowing every single component in the build, including the exact model of PSU, RAM, and HDD.

    If you're not under warranty, now may be a good time to learn that prebuilts suck and cost more money in both the long and short run...
  2. Yes, you can, but you should reformat the hard drive. There will be hardware conflicts from registry entries on your hard drive, these conflicts may cause an improper boot, if it boots at all.
  3. well its just an old machine my friend is giving me, i im not sure on the PSU but i think i wud just be getting the PSU and MB and dvd drive, hard drive i cud find in my house somewhere ha i just wanna mess around with it really as long as i can get a MB into it
  4. You're going to need a blowtorch, boxcutters, heat proof gloves and mask, and a lot of courage. Most normal MOBOs don't fit in most dell cases without some serious case mods.
  5. @ derek_seven - listen to what MadAdmiral sed!

    thas y branded/prebuilt PC's are a killer, esp if ur not using one for the office!
  6. You can easily swap out the board on the Inspiron 530s. It is a stardard mATX board with no proprietary connectors. Everything else can be reused, even the CPU fan. Are you sure the board is bad? I be more likely to think the power supply burnt out.
  7. I know I'm a little late but I've read on previous threads that the I/O plate on the back is like part if the case and it's a ***** to get it off, personally I own one and it looks hard to remove. Anyway even if you replace it the software that came with the PC, the Windows Vista OS is coded only to work with a Dell mobo, so if you switch you'll have to deal with putting on the new mobo and a new Windows OS to work.
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