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4 Pin fan (965 BE) to 3 pin Mobo

How can I connect the 4 pin stock fan (965) to my 3 pin hp mobo!!!!

I'm about to tear my hair I've searched all the tech forums and nothing I can find useful....

I've tried disconnecting the blue wire (pwm) and changing it with the yellow wire to make it three pin without pwm but it doesn't boot....cpu fail....

any ideas please?????
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  1. mobos in general should have a mandatory 4 pin cpu header, and if a fan is missing from that header, will not boot no matter what is plugged in on the rest.
  2. my mobo is a bit old and apparently doesn't have 4 pin cpu head, just a 3 pin...just upgraded from an amd phenom 810 to amd phenom 965 cpu. Old fan had 3 pins.
  3. Just toss it on any of the 3-pins and you're good to go.
  4. what mobo do you currently own
  5. H-RS880-uATX

    and thats how it currently is on the three pin., problem is my fan is running I'm guessing on low, if I do any stress benchmarks or amd overdrive, fan doesn't go any higher and fan keep same level, cpu gets above 60c
  6. Should be running full speed , at least that's how my 4pin cpu fan ran on 3 pin header
  7. Most do, apparently mine doesn't my darn luck....And supposedly if bridge the pwm wire with the voltage wire it will do the trick, but I don't know how to bridge :-\
  8. I'm not an expert on PWM fans but... That just doesn't seem like it would work for various reasons.

    Never heard of it being done, but thats not saying much.
  9. Yea I bridged it didn't work, guess I'm going to have to spend money in a three pin fan....can't get this darn fan to go full speed
  10. It should be going full speed already, unless your mobo has some sort of fan profile preset thing. I would poke around and look for that. Should be in your bios under some sort of cpu/fan/something option.

    Hmmm... Thats really all I can think of why it wouldn't be going at max. What are the RPMs at in software?
  11. Bios stinks nothing cpu/cooling options
    Rpm says around 1000 rpm but not sure it's accurate
  12. Yea read that. Sucks I'm one of the lucky few that the fan doesn't spin max rpm, been really unlucky with this motherboard.
  13. You could always spend a dollar on a molex to 4pin cable and plug the CPU fan header to some other random case fan.
  14. Might just spend a little money and get a good fan to overclock with, with the money I would spend on adapters and cable extenders
  15. Might wanna check if it supports OCing. Almost all OEM boards have it disabled.
  16. This bios won't let me do anything beyond raid and time, I meant oc the processor, disappointed with this motherboard Smh, just need a fan max rpm fan don't care about noise lol...Might try to reset jumper and reset bios settings and see if that works before I spend more money, just bought a Radeon 7850 + power supply and the 965 be yesterday
  17. You need to have a motherboard capable of overclocking before you get any option of doing so. That BE proc won't do you any good overclocking wise if the motherboard doesn't support changing the multiplier. (Not to mention if its a cheapo board it will have cheapo components and fry if you push it to hard.)
  18. Nah won't be going hard probably won't even overclock full until processor is more outdated
    Hard to find a strong cpu fan with 3 pins, closest I'm can get is a zalman on newegg gotta wait till I get home and do measurements
  19. CPU fan doesn't matter as much as a good heatsink.

    Oh and I just noticed the link you put up, for that PC going from any of those CPU options to a 965 BE is just not worth the money. Not even if its 80% off. You won't be able to OC on that motherboard and "upgrading" to a similar proc (just a 0.4Ghz clock increase) isn't worth it. I would just save up for a new mobo+cpu (like an i3/i5 or an FX proc)

    Consider you can get a cheap mobo for 70 bucks and an i3 that will be mostly on par with your phenom.
  20. Old cpu was 2.6, was bottlenecking the 7850, .8ghz difference...I'll find out the gaming difference once I get the fan ordeal
    I'll upgrade again in two years or so, current rig worked great max settings on all games, just wanted more cpu power for some intense cpu games and whatnot.
  21. Oh and yea I'm getting fan /heatsink combo not just fan
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