2 64gb crucial m4 ssd raid 0 vs 1 128gb crucial m4 ssd

I have have had raid 0 and know for sure it is double speed on HDD but not shure if it will be with SSD since trim is gone not sure if it will work propperly my specific case two 64gb crucial m4 vs one 128gb
my mb is asus p5q3 wifi ap deluxe
going to upgrade soon to something like asus z68 may p8z69 Vpro gen3
dont pretend to brag juast that 2 64gb crucial m4 are $5 cheaper and aparently 2x faster please help!!!
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    I personally would get the 128GB thinking of Trim support after the upgrade and 2 drives has doubled the probability of failure in one form or the other. The speed increase between the two setups will not be as noticeable as going from a HDD to a single SSD!
  2. I agree, Go with the single drive. Two hard drives in RAID 0 is a noticeable speed boost, not so with SSDs as the extra speed will be much less apparent (and may be bottlenecked by the rest of your system). Never put drives in a RAID 0 setup unless it's strictly for temporary storage, or you have a very strict backup strategy, because all of your data is lost if just one drive goes bad. Also, rolli59 is correct about TRIM no being supported in RAID 0.
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  4. thanks for your replies i went as suggested and got a crucial m4 128gb today on sweet price only $150 $1.17 a gig think it will money well spent
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