5770 how not to screw up your Graphics card - help required

Hi all,
Never really been a big forum follower... till i found Dark blades project journal LOL.

Ok so whats happened...

Upgraded from Nvidia 8600 GT, to a new XFX 5770 thinking id give ATI a go.

well, lets put aside the 3 monitors issue and move onto whats "Inspired" me to join the Forum's

Ive become interested in using thermal diodes to get temprature readings from where i want them... wont bore you with why and what the reason is for that... ill just bore you with the "essay" but what it comes down to is 1 XFX 5770 1 thermal Diode, and $250 that may be wasted.

orignally took the thermal diode and taped it to the heatsink pipe using racing tape... (you can tell im a hardcore modder) now that bugged me because i started thinking, how much heat has been lost by the time it reaches that point in the heatsink... i want the real reading, Right next to the GPU... so heres where you might cringe.

I unscrewed the Heatsink bracket at the back of the video card, and carefully lifted the Card off the Heatsink setup.

Positioned the thermal diode next to the GPU and the heatsink and using the remanints of the racing tape previously on the diode managed to have the diode stick to the heatsink.

ok now i thought that wouldnt be a problem, Screwed the heatsink back onto the GPU and placed it back onto the mobo.

Boot up time....

First time boot loaded the bios as per normal, raid adaptor Showed the loading of windows.... Black screen with colour logo, loads the mouse on a black screen and heres where im awaiting the Login screen for windows...

Instead this shows up... keep in mind that this is after the 6th or 7th time.

Now that lasts maybe 5-10 seconds then this shows up.

which a little closer looks like

Ok so those images may not work.

Now.... when i boot up into safe mode... all good... which leads me to believe its not a hardware fault... please correct me if im wrong about anything on this...


When i load up CCC in Safe mode.... i get the following error message

"No ATI Graphics Driver is installed, or the ATI Driver is not functioning properly. Please install the ATI Driver appropriate for your ATI Hardware."

I should probablly mention that prior to moving the diode, it worked quite well.

So On reading up on this i got Driver cleaner pro and Removed ATI drivers and reg entrys.

thought cool ill get to go back to scratch software wise and hopefully that will work.

Booted up, worked without CCC, downloaded driver package and CCC, installed Rebooted.... same issues... SUPER LAME.

So where does that leave me now.... Insert proanities here but i put the old 8600 back in and am using that at the moment.

I dont think i damaged anything on the circut board when taking off the heatsink. and i know that there is people out there that are quite freely Replacing Stock Heatsinks so i dunno... HALP... one thing i have noticed since then is that the fan spins at a higher speed than before any of this...

So alright enough with the essay i know that this forum has a lot of really switched on people that probablly would think im an idiot for tinkering... but id really like to recover this video card, Cant justify spending more money on my computer to my girlfriend as it is ive wasted 50 on pasive DisplayPort adaptors that wont work.

Thanks to anyone who can give me some info.

Note, im assuming the images arent showing for anyone else.?
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  1. Why would you do that?

    GPU-Z will tell you all the temps, no need to stick diodes in there!

    If I were you I'd remove the diode and cross my fingers.

    If you still get the same thing happening I'd reinstall windows.

    BTW I can't see your Pic's You may want to use a image hosting website like photobucket, or imageshack.
  2. It was done with good intentions, not that i havent started regretting the decision. but none the less i made my decision may as well run with it.

    Hopefully this gives you a better picture of my issue, no pun intended but it works.

    Image 1

    Image 2

    Image 3
  3. They are some funky images.

    Have you tryed my suggestions, I know you want to run with it, but atleast see if it works without the diode
  4. Remove HSF completely then remove themal diode and clean off the old thermal paste then apply some fresh paste and replace the HSF without the thermal diode and try it.
  5. Tried removing the diode, it was one of the first things i did, kinda used to having to unplug everything and start over... trial and error interest in computers.. so yeah even with removing it i came across the same issues.

    The old thermal paste is still on there, its 12:18 am here and this is my second day dealing with this problem so i cant pick any up till tomorrow. i did think that might be an option. ill have to give it a go. but keep the ideas comming.

    Reinstalling windows is an option, i just recently had an issues with MBR of one HDD, managed to recover the data as a secondary HDD but decided to do a clean install on a new HDD, so everythings still green. i might leave reinstall win xp as a last resort.

    Hey if it works with an old band aid taped to it... bring on the band aids id just like not to have lost a video card.

    the inginuity of the HSF assembly is pretty smart. but i am also thinking that maybe i did the screws of the HSF on the back of the board too tightly and did damage around there.. but nothing visable to the naked eye.

    point about the pic's the first one the big whit block is where the mouse is.
  6. Take a break, go to bed and approach it with fresh eyes on the morrow mate.
  7. For someone messing with thermal diodes there's a curious lack of temperature information in your post. What temps did the card give you before messing with it? What are the temperatures now?
    The card has thermal sensors built into it. A program like rivatuner can log your temperatures at all times.
    If I had to guess your card is overheating. When removing the fan/heatsink reapplying the thermal paste is always a good idea and likely what is causing your problems. Hopefully you haven't fried the card.
  8. Ok so update,
    Got the thermal compound, Gave it a shot, took it apart again, Cleared off all the existing compound. got it shiney... and thats when i picked up on something....


    Don't think that link will work

    you might notice down the bottom left corner a "speck".... well its the only thing i think is out of the ordinary. now this isnt a loose pice of lint or dust, this was very defiantly either a scratch or something.

    so booted up... held my breath. didn't work...

    now ill admit, its much better... first boot was looking good... got to the windows desktop. saw my icons got excited and then it happened again.

    So I'm starting to think down the track of a new card. i may have to concede next step i can think of is to try it in another computer... seems like a pretty reasonable step.

    Ok so about tempratures.
    Fans running at low, 120mm x 2 @ 750rpm 120mm x2 @1300rpm 38-41 degrees.
    Fans running at high, 120mm x 2 @1400rpm 120mm x 2 @2200rpm 34-36 degrees

    the temps seem pretty good... i mean that was kind of the point ... i think it is the Speck/scratch/ding on the gpu...

    any thoughts on this?
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    Im a firm believer that if you can get to the desktop and then the card goes on the fritz, you have voltage or heat issues. If you had a VRAM issue you would end up with display corruption all the time.

    That you took off the heat sink and did not reapply some type of paste reinforces the original thought of heat being the culprit. Are you sure you are screwing the heatsink down tight enough? I havent pulled apart a 5770 but were there thermal pads - are they in place?

    Are you SURE the power supply is up to it - I didnt see what you are using. Your story implies it never worked so that steers me to power as an issue. Try a different supply lead if possible. The temps are fine so I would look into if the voltage is adequate?

    You are looking at the back of the silicon - a crack could cause something but again it strikes me the card would be dead. And most likely you caused that by reapplying the old paste - it likely picked up something.

    If you cannot get it to work put it together as nice as possible and return it - and hope they allow it.
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  11. I just have the question of why a thermal diode is needed.
    Usually the built-in diode is more accurate anyway.
  12. So i took the solid advise of many and returned the card to the distributor... did that when Sabot00 posted.

    As always... its been 3 months....

    on the upside they have said it should be sorted out in the next 2 weeks.... again

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